DCS GreenWeek Sustainability Conference and Product Expo

DCS GreenWeek Sustainability Conference and Product Expo is a joint venture between DCS Design and Tysons Partnership. The day-long conference celebrates our commitment to green design, as well as the increased awareness and support of sustainability in the commercial real estate community. The event consists of educational seminars and discussions led by leaders in Green/Sustainable Design, and a product expo featuring emerging sustainable building products and is attended by developers, brokers, local government officials, general contractors, engineers and other professionals within the real estate community.


Conference Kick-Off

Session #1 - GREEN BUILDINGS -  “Innovative Urban Solutions”

Session #2 - INFRASTRUCTURE - "Sustainable Infrastructure: The Foundation for Net-Zero Cities"

Lunch & Browse Product Expo

Session #3 - OPERATIONS - "Changing Corporate Culture: How established businesses are going green"

Session #4 - TRANSPORTATION - "Strategies for Encouraging Multi-Modal Transportation"

Key Note Speaker

Green Product Expo (happy hour and door prizes) *Click for Details*

Biomimicry: Technology from Nature
Biomimicry is a new discipline that studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. For example, we may be able to invent a better solar panel by studying how a leaf converts light to energy. Roger Frechette, mechanical engineer on world-renowned green building projects such as the Burj Khalifa and the Pearl River Tower, will present many innovative products and systems inspired by nature.  

Green Product Expo
See and touch the latest innovative green building products and technologies showcased in our exhibition space. Representatives will be on hand to demonstrate products and answer questions.

Reinventing Existing Buildings
Big players in the existing building retrofit market, Tower Companies and HITT Contracting, will discuss their successful strategies for converting existing buildings into sustainable, energy-efficient, and productive properties. You may be surprised by some of their tactics!

2014 Green Building Regulations and Incentives in the District
Did you know the District of Columbia offers financing for commercial energy efficiency improvements through special tax assessments? Did you know DC approved the 2012 International Green Construction Code on March 5, 2014 and it will be implemented this year? Did you know DC offers up to $10,000 in rebates per fiscal year to individual properties for installing high performance lighting, HVAC systems, and plumbing fixtures? Learn about these programs and more at this lunch presentation with DDOE!

3 Brilliant Green Ideas | Kick-Off Lunch
DCS GreenWeek 2012 kicks off with a lunch presentation illuminating three of the most brilliant and motivating ideas in sustainability as seen on Ted Talks, a non-profit organization devoted to ideas worth spreading.

Survival Strategies for Existing Buildings | Happy Hour | Panel Discussion
Michele Good, LEED AP O+M | Akridge | Director of Sustainability
Erin Shaffer | Green Building Initiative | VP of Federal Outreach
In this still struggling economy, developers must find ways to reinvent aging existing assets to attract and hold tenants. Speakers will discuss using The GBI's new Guiding Principles Compliance program to attract government tenants and low-cost building management practices to reduce operating costs.

Green Product Expo | Happy Hour | Exhibition
See the latest innovative green products showcased in our exhibition space. Representatives will be on hand to demonstrate products and answer questions.

Getting Greener?! LEED v4 and DC Code Changes | Breakfast Panel
Fulya Kocak, LEED AP BD+C | Clark Construction | Director of Sustainable Solutions
Kathy Lawson, LEED AP BD+C, GGP | Davis, Carter, Scott Ltd | Director of Sustainability
In 2013, both USGBC and The District plan to significantly change their sustainability requirements, raising the bar for nearly all project types. Speakers will explain the impending revisions and how they will affect your projects.
MONDAY April 23
Seminar | Top 10 Ways Architects Can Reduce Impact on the Environment

TUESDAY April 24
Panel  | Raising the Sustainability Bar for Residential


Panel  | A Glimpse into the Exciting Future of Sustainability

FRIDAY April 27
Seminar | Legally Green: Legal Considerations for LEED Projects
MONDAY - April 25 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Interactive Event | Sustainability Games
Kick-off DCS GreenWeek with The Sustainability Games!
During this fun event, teams will be selected and compete against each other in various mentally and physically challenging games with a sustainable twist. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

TUESDAY April 26 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Panel | How to Support Sustainable Development
Representatives from DC Metro Area jurisdictions will present their green building requirements as well as
programs and resources they have developed to support and encourage sustainability. Panel discussion will be followed by Q&A and a networking happy hour.

WEDNESDAY April 27 4:30pm - 7:30pm
Exhibit | Green Product Expo
See the latest innovative green products, ranging from new green roof systems to cost-effective lighting solutions to bio-based building materials and more, showcased in our exhibition space. Representatives will be on hand to demonstrate their products and answer questions.

THURSDAY April 28 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Panel | My Favorite Green Innovations
Experts in the field of sustainable design and construction
will share their favorite green products, trends, resources,
and strategies. Speakers will discuss the exceptional
innovations that they have successfully used on green
projects and those that they predict will be game-changers
in the near future.

FRIDAY April 29 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Seminar | LEED CEU Mysteries Explained
Confused by the new LEED AP Credential Maintenance
Program and the requirements for continuing education
units? This presentation will unlock the mysteries of the
registration process, the methods to earn CE hours,
the CE categories, and the procedures for submitting
hours. LEED APs and LEED APs with specialty should attend.
“The Sustainable Campus:
How and Why Local Universities are Going Green”
Representatives from local universities will share their experience with green buildings in a campus setting, their plans for upcoming green building projects, as well as other sustainability initiatives on their campuses.

“Getting to Net-Zero: Energy Solutions for Commercial Buildings”
Net-zero energy buildings may be closer than you think. Learn about resources, incentives, and tools available for building owners, contractors, and design professionals to deliver buildings that minimize their own energy use.

Annual Green Product Expo
4:30pm - 7:30pm
See the latest innovative green products, ranging from new green roof systems to cost-effective daylighting solutions to bio-based building materials and more, showcased in our exhibition space. Representatives will be on hand to demonstrate their products and answer questions.

“Cost-Effective Strategies for Greening Existing Buildings”
Learn how leading area sustainability consultants are implementing cost-effective design and operations solutions to green existing buildings and effectively saving money for building owners. This presentation will focus on energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction strategies.

GreenWeek Event Descriptions

"Greening Existing Buildings: Where do we begin?!"
5:30pm-7:30pm Panel Discussion
Existing buildings are responsible for the vast majority of our energy consumption, CO2 emissions, resource depletion, and trash accumulation. Many developers and organizations want to make a change, but have no  idea where to start. This panel discussion will focus on the early stages of developing a sustainable platform that is tailored to each building or portfolio, based on existing conditions, client goals, and budget. We will discuss potential tenant expectations, tools used to analyze the performance, as well as eco-friendly modifications to a building's design and operational procedures.

"Beyond LEED: High Impact Sustainability Strategies"
5:30pm-7:30pm Panel Discussion
In today's industry, LEED is quickly becoming the status quo. Innovative developers, architects, and tenants are now seeking even higher levels of performance and incorporating state-of-the-art systems to go above and beyond LEED certification. This panel discussion will focus on efficient and affordable strategies to achieve a deeper shade of green, including the latest advancements in renewable energy systems, high-efficiency systems, and strategies for greening entire neighborhoods.

“Green Product Expo”
4:30pm - 6:30pm
Manufacturers and vendors will showcase the latest in innovative green products at the 3rd Annual DCS Green Product Expo. Representatives will be on hand to show samples, discuss design solutions, and answer questions.

“BIM for Green Design and Construction”
5:30pm-7:30pm Presentation
Representatives from CAD Microsystems will show how green design and construction can benefit from Building Information Modeling (BIM). The latest 3D modeling tools will be presented and discussed for LEED analyses, energy and daylight studies, more accurate material estimating, and early conflict resolution.
The 2nd annual DCS GreenWeek offered keynote speakers Dr. John Gibbons, former advisor to Clinton-Gore Administration for Science and Technology. Also the introduction of Revit / BIM & LEED by John Boehms from Autodesk later in the week.

Various site visits, LEED training and the GreenExpo
really made this quite an informational week.

Links to event photos and reference documents can be found below.

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DCS Design is proud to announce our first annual Green Week. A week long introduction to sustainable practices, products and strategies with events open to staff, clients and consultants.

Events Agenda

Monday, March 26th - Lunch seminar presented by Linda Sorrento, LEED Program Manager USGBC
"The rationale for an organization like USGBC …is really a triple bottom line - our planet, our people, and our profits. Green buildings save money for the building owner and occupant, they provide an environment where occupants can be more productive, and they foster a healthier environment for office workers." -Linda Sorrento