Biomimicry: Technology from Nature
Biomimicry is a new discipline that studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. For example, we may be able to invent a better solar panel by studying how a leaf converts light to energy. Roger Frechette, mechanical engineer on world-renowned green building projects such as the Burj Khalifa and the Pearl River Tower, will present many innovative products and systems inspired by nature.  

Green Product Expo
See and touch the latest innovative green building products and technologies showcased in our exhibition space. Representatives will be on hand to demonstrate products and answer questions.

Reinventing Existing Buildings
Big players in the existing building retrofit market, Tower Companies and HITT Contracting, will discuss their successful strategies for converting existing buildings into sustainable, energy-efficient, and productive properties. You may be surprised by some of their tactics!

2014 Green Building Regulations and Incentives in the District
Did you know the District of Columbia offers financing for commercial energy efficiency improvements through special tax assessments? Did you know DC approved the 2012 International Green Construction Code on March 5, 2014 and it will be implemented this year? Did you know DC offers up to $10,000 in rebates per fiscal year to individual properties for installing high performance lighting, HVAC systems, and plumbing fixtures? Learn about these programs and more at this lunch presentation with DDOE!



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