DCS Design is proud to announce our first annual Green Week. A week long introduction to sustainable practices, products and strategies with events open to staff, clients and consultants.

Events Agenda

Monday, March 26th - Lunch seminar presented by Linda Sorrento, LEED Program Manager USGBC
"The rationale for an organization like USGBC …is really a triple bottom line - our planet, our people, and our profits. Green buildings save money for the building owner and occupant, they provide an environment where occupants can be more productive, and they foster a healthier environment for office workers." -Linda Sorrento
Tuesday, March 27th - Garland Company presents "Green Roof & Photovoltaic Systems"
"Although relatively new to North America, green roofs have been used successfully in Europe and Asia for decades. Loosely defined, green roofs are vegetated surfaces which are installed over man-made structures … the bottom line is that green roofs are the ultimate in Sustainable Design. No other product or system provides such an outward appearance of truly 'green' design." -Garland Company
Wednesday, March 28th - Zach Dobelbower of the Washington D.C. Office of Planning presents "Washington D.C. Green Initiative"
The Office of Planning will explain how green construction will figure prominently in future Washington D.C. construction.
Thursday, March 29th - "LEED Costs & Savings" presented by DPR Construction
"Did you know that green buildings boost productivity and reduce costs? DPR provides proven examples … that illustrate how environmentally sound design and construction can have a positive, long-term impact on business" -DPR Construction
Friday, March 30th - Site Visit to the National Building Museum
"Because buildings consume enormous quantities of the Earth’s resources in their construction and daily operation, they represent tremendous opportunities for innovative eco-friendly design as well as cost savings. The Green House demonstrates the emerging collaboration between stylish architecture, interior design, and environmental responsibility." -NBM
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